PowerPiggy, what is the BIG deal ! ! ! !

PowerPiggy, what is the BIG deal ! ! ! !

I have a couple years behind me and still remember 2 stories I heard when I was very young:
The matrass story and the I don’t trust anybody story.

Banks … I don’t trust them, my grandfather always screamed. They only want to take your money, so why should I trust them …. They are commercial, they want to make money, and a lot of people work in that sector … so legitimate … And yes, some of them ruin it for others, but it is the 1 rotten apple that hurts the thousands of great banks, doing their job.

Just let him shout, my father would always say to me sitting in the car driving back home. He is just hiding his money under his matrass and it will never become more than it is now. Only when he puts more money underneath it
… Well he did not know the second story …


My grandmother did not trust anybody … not even my grandfather. I love both of my grandparents, bless their souls, but my grandmother, having Parkinson’s disease, had big time trust issues. She walked around with tens of thousands of guilders at that time, because well, she believed banks would steal her money, but grandfather also … the butcher did not mind she tipped him like 100 guilders, around 45 euro, around 50 US Dollars every time she came to his store. She could not handle money anymore and the butcher, well … he returned the money to my father telling him, he should bring it to the bank …


Moral of the story, trust is important when handling money, my grandfather trusted a matrass, my grandmother trusted herself and well, my father trusted the butcher … who trusted banks.

You can trust banks nowadays, but it won’t bring you too much money, additional money!!! Interest is negative and if you want to make money overtime, you need to do something else and that is where Bitrue comes in.

I started to hear about Bitrue in 2018 and joined them. My Crypto journey started in 2017 and I only trusted eToro and Binance at that time. eToro was my first pick, as it only cost me very little time to buy my first crypto .. yes, it was XRP, but that is a different story:

It is all because of Tom Channick!!!

I trusted Binance as it was easy to use and I never had any difficulties.

Sending over BTC was difficult from time to time, as the waiting periods were a little too long to be too comfortable, but that had nothing to do with the capabilities of Binance.

Bitrue was different. Self explanatory but I had my fair share working with (crypto) exchanges, so it was no problem whatsoever.

And in time I heard about PowerPiggy … a Piggy with Power … I got into it and trusted Bitrue with some Vechain and Cardano … no no no, not my XRP … yet.

So, what is PowerPiggy and what, why, where, how, really?!?

and eh … Hold Cryptocurrencies to Get Paid … at 7.3% Annual Interest ?!?

I cannot say it better than Bitrue themselves:

“In order to give back to the Bitruers, Bitrue has launched the following value-added products. Users only need to hold the following cryptocurrencies to make profits. The estimated annual interest can be as high as 7.3%. Please deposit cryptocurrencies into your Bitrue account in advance to get prepared.”

And yes, everybody should do their own research, DYOR, as I also was suspicious, why getting something free in an industry that still needs to get out of the ‘no trust‘ period !!! Well THAT exactly is where it hit me … This is just a smart move without a hidden agenda … Helping the market with getting adopted.

So, I was fortunate to meet the team earlier this year, when Curis Wang, CEO and Iris, Marketing with some other Bitrue colleagues, came over for a meet-up in Amsterdam. I wanted to grab my changes and interview Curis for one of my blogs. He was very willing and if you have not read it, here you can find it …

Of course, PowerPiggy was discussed, and I wrote about it. Curis was very open about it and I was allowed to write everything that was discussed. Still, there are a lot of people in confusion: How can they pay for it, It is a scam, Bitconnect, Not sustainable, Ponzie scheme, When will it end, Where will it end …

A couple of days after the meeting I was lucky enough to get my XRP in the PowerPiggy Program, yes it happened, and I have not slept worse than before. Am I scared, no, not 1 night !!!

Let’s repeat some answers that I have learnt at the meeting back in May …


What is the PowerPiggy Program???

PowerPiggy is actually holding your crypto online and you will receive interest. We all know that the short Crypto history have shown us a couple bad situations, but that can learn you also things:

If it is TOO good to be true it probably IS NOT true.

The thing is though, that Bitrue pays an annual percentage and not an outrageous daily percentage. Yes, you will be paid daily, but based on an annual percentage, unlike that other business you are thinking about 😉

PowerPiggy is Marketing Money. Maybe THE reason why you did not see the exchange during the SuperBowl and British Football (Soccer), well they will leave it to others…

Marketing Money dries up, so not sustainable, with ONLY marketing money. The program also gets subsidized with Revenue made from Trading Fees. PowerPiggy is a program that has been mapped out and Bitrue knows EXACTLY what it costs them and that’s how they can calculate the program. Bitrue is able to predict costs with a high degree of accuracy in advance and they are prepared, WELL PREPARED !!!

I am not sure if YOU are invested into the PowerPiggy Program but it is succesful. If something is sold out, it means there is more demand than supply and let me tell you, that is the case with PowerPiggy.

If you want to try to get in and I have tried it, you need to be trigger finger fast as the two moments a day when it opens up, it fills even faster than XRP needs to settle … YES, that is FAST !!!

People waking up in the middle of the night to get their XRP in the PowerPiggy Program; if that happens, you know you are doing something good and if people write they think it is a scam, they probably do because they could not get in themselves or just like to stir the Community negatively. Crypto Twitter has been attacked, recently more and more and Bitrue got its fair share …

If you were doubting Bitrue, let me give you another reason for trusting this Exchange: Every wallet is insured up to 1 million dollars.



And if you were STILL doubting Bitrue, Binance started their own kind of PowerPiggy, what should give you a good feeling, Bitrue did something correct, as a leader, not as a follower. I wrote kind of as Binance’s Product is NOT the same.


Something about Bitrue, PowerPiggy & Funny Facts:

Bitrue exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Singapore. We provide coin-to-coin trading, and support PC, iOS and Android. Bitrue is an XRP-centric exchange. It has adopted XRP as a base currency since launch. All XRP Trading fees are 50% off! The trading fee is only 0.098%.

You can invest in: BTC, BTR, ADA, ETH, HOT, TRX, USDT, VET and of course XRP, more to come …

PowerPiggy is not an overnight idea, it has been well thought of to make it a product that can exist by itself within Bitrue

You earn a minimum of 7,3% annual interest. If you hold BTR, in a specific comparison with your total holdings in your wallet, you could earn up to 10% annual interest.

There are two timeframes to work with ib 24 hours. All crypto currencies will open up, but due to high demand, it only takes (a) second(s) to fill up and close again!!!

50-60 people work at Bitrue and expanding rapidly …

Bitrue has been named as one of the 5 most promising startups in Silicon Valley by MusicSnakeMagazine.

Holding BTR in your wallet can increase your interest up to 10% annually

Bitrue has offices in Taiwan, Singapore, the United States.


If you check the date when people came to Twitter that write about scam or other exchanges that do not exist anymore (you know what I mean), it is interesting to see the account was started in 2019 !!!

This article was NOT written because:

  1. I am a Bitrue Ambassador … still feel very proud being one though
  2. Bitrue asked me

I am an independent blogger that writes what I want to write about, because I want to share it among the XRP Community.

I am not a finan…. you guys know the drill, don’t buy or sell because of me!!!

I am a blogger and YES I am invested in several Crypto Currencies at the time of writing, publishing of this article. I am a holder of the greatest digital asset, that we are ALL holding, … starts with an X ….. you know the other two letters? 😉

Agustin Sanchez